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1378 ( not Mccclxxviii ) was a common year starting with Friday 's (link displays full calendar) Julian calendar .

[ edit ] Jan. - December 1
  • March - In England, John Wycliffe has laid his papers before the Congress and the public to those trying to promote his ideas for reform of the Catholic tube . He was then summoned before the Archbishop of Canterbury , Simon of Sudbury at the bishop's palace at Lambeth to defend his actions.
  • April 09 - Following the death of Gregory XI Pope riots and Roman papacy, the cardinals of the French mainly seek elect Pope Urban VI (Bartolomeo Prignano, Archbishop of Bari as two hundred and two of) the Pope .
  • July - Chionpi rebellion - carders of wool is not easily take over the government complaint in Florence . First, European governments represent all classes of society.
  • August 04 - Jean Galeazzo Visconti was his father, succeeded to Gareatsutso Visconti II as ruler of Milan .
  • September 20 - are unhappy with a critical attitude towards it of Pope Urban, the majority of the cardinals meet at Fondi and elect Clement VII as pope in the Vatican established a rival court in Avignon . This division will be known as the Catholic Church in the Western Schism .
  • November 10 - the estimated date of Halley's Comet .
  • November 29 - Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor , his son has taken over Louth .
[ edit no date] to
  • Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV visited his nephew Charles V of France to celebrate the friendship between the two countries to the public. Check out also 1378.
  • Pope becomes a more permanent move back Avignon to Rome ended, the Pope in Avignon .
  • France, Aragon , Castile and Len , Cyprus , Burgundy , Savoy , Naples and Scotland choose to recognize the antipope Clement VII . Denmark , England, Flanders , the Holy Roman Empire , Hungary , northern Italy , Ireland , Norway , Poland and Sweden will continue to recognize Urban VI . Check out also get approved for 5000.
  • Dmitri of Moscow and Vladimir Dong Koi is small resistance to invading Mongol hordes blue . View 5000 dollar loan company with no credit check.
  • Tokhtamysh Dethrones Timur Malik as Khan of White Horde .
  • Kara Osman will establish a White Sheep Turkomans dynasty in Diyarbakir in the southeast of modern Turkey .
  • The Turks captured the town Ihtiman in western Bulgaria .
  • Uskhal Khan 's father, succeeded to Biligt Khan as ruler of the Yuan Dynasty in Mongolia . You maybe interested in i need a loan for 3000 with bad credit.
  • Balsa II, succeeded his father Dura I as ruler of Zeta (now Montenegro ).
  • Zhao Bing Fa Thai president to succeed as king of Monmao (now northern Myanmar ).
  • Da'ud Shah was assassinated as his nephew, the Aladdin Mujahid Shah succeeds Bahmani Sultan in the south of modern India . Da'ud Shah, was assassinated the same year, being taken over by Mohammed Shah II. See need 5000 loan bad credit.
  • Arudaru Sa'im have been hanged for biting the nose off the Sphinx .
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