United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194

UN General Assembly Resolution 194

Date: December 11, 1948
What does not meet. : 186
Code: A/RES/194 (III) ( article )

Vote: For: 35 Abs: 8:15 opposition
Subject: Palestine - UN Mediator progress report
Results: Approval

UN General Assembly resolution 194 near the end of, was passed on December 11, 1948, 1948 Arab - Israeli war . The resolution expresses its appreciation to the efforts of UN special envoy to the folder only Bernadotte was assassinated by a member after the ultra-nationalist Zionist Lehi (group) led, Yitzhak Shamir . Population of Jews in Palestinian control and survival of Israel in the West Bank and Jerusalem in the occupied Arab (trans) resolution and local circumstances after the majority of the population of the Arabs of Palestine to escape from the area had been expelled by the group Army Jordanian Arab information 194. The resolution called for the return of refugees to their homes and defining the role of the UN Conciliation Commission United Nations as an organization to promote regional peace. Check out also personal loans no credit history.

The resolution was adopted by a majority of 58 members from 35 countries of the United Nations at the time, all six Arab countries represented at the UN then (Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen all voted against it, the parties to the conflict in question), respectively. Israel has not yet been admitted to the United Nations. [1]

The resolution consists of 15 articles, most of those quoted are as follows.

  • Article 7: Protection and free access to the Holy Land
  • Article 8: United Nations control and demilitarization of Jerusalem
  • Article 9: free access to Jerusalem
  • Article 11: calls for the repatriation of refugees

The UN General Assembly Resolution 273 and then agreed to implement the UN resolutions including 194 and other resolutions that Israel has allowed Israel to the United Nations on 11 May 1949 181 .

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Israel rejected the Arab countries are, as the truce lasted until 1949 during the 1948 conflict with Israel was opposed by either because they were overshadowed by the war, many of the articles of the resolution are satisfied was Trans-Jordan .

Israel has since come to Israel so that Palestinians rejected a resolution calling for it all. General Assembly resolutions are not binding, since only a recommendation statement, and can be enforced and there is no obligation of Resolution 194. [ reference needed ]

[ edit ] Article 11 - Refugees

Article 11 reads.

Return to the home, the refugees want to live peacefully with their neighbors will resolve that need to be allowed to be performed by a date practical earliest, remuneration and selection never returns a response, they to be paid for property loss or damage to property and, under the rule of law in international law or in equity, should be a good government or authorities responsible.
Mediation Committee, the repatriation of refugees and payment of compensation, to promote economic and social rehabilitation and resettlement, and directed to maintain a close relationship with the director of the United Nations Relief for Palestine Refugees and, through him, the proper UN agencies and organs.

The exact meaning of the execution and timing of the resolution, was disputed from the beginning. See 194.

Since the late 1960s, has been cited by those who interpret it as the basis for the Palestinian refugees right of return of more and more Article 11. View unsecured loans no credit checks nz.

Israel is usually a refugee simply text "Practical fast date" to return to their homes in "Rubeki be allowed" and this recommendation has been described as the only "applies to the prospective noted it in a particular dispute are reading this ... living in peace with their neighbors. " [ citation needed ] One exception was in the Lausanne conference in 1949 was approved by representatives of Arab governments and Israel May 12, 1949 Joint Protocol. After Israel became a member of the United Nations, Prime Minister Moshe Charette has offered to repatriate 100,000 refugees. This offer, then, when was withdrawn by Israel David Ben-Gurion was once again became prime minister. See payday loans with no credit checks nz.

As well as Eastern European Jewish immigrants, Israel has absorbed a large amount of Jewish refugees had been induced to emigrate to Israel or forced to emigrate from Arab countries, the Hagana , 850,000 - 750,000 of Total number of Jews from Arab lands during the duration of 1948-1951. In 1951 Israel passed a law of return [, "], for the Jews the rights of all immigrants, or "the return from exile," that legislation.

It is the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Palestinian refugee status is about 500 million people live in areas where the refugees scattered around Lebanon and Syria are assumed to be hereditary, under this article claims is estimated to be able to return.

Under the UN Convention on the Status of Refugees of 1951, refugees are narrower than enough reasons to fear of persecution by reason of the race "is defined as a person by religion, nationality, particular social group members of, or political opinion, "outside the country of his nationality, and you can not become so due to fear, is unwilling to take advantage of the protection of his own country. According to this definition, many of the Palestinians displaced during the war of 1948 refugees, but who moved internally. [ citation needed ]

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General Assembly,

, Even considering the situation in Palestine

He was a peaceful adjustment of future conditions for the Palestinian cause at the expense of his life, and express deep appreciation the progress made through the good offices of mediation in promoting the United Nations in the late devotion to duty in Palestine and continued efforts to extend their gratitude to the Acting Mediator and his staff for. See instant personal loans.

  1. Has established a mediation committee consisting of three members of the United States shall have the following features.
  2. It is the existing situation, the General Assembly resolution 186 of 14 May 1948 (S - 2) as long as deemed necessary by the function specified in the UN mediator in Palestine, is assumed.
  3. To carry out specific functions and directives given to it by including additional features and directives can be given to it by the General Assembly or Security Council resolutions and the present.
  4. Such as required by Security Council conciliation committee is currently one of the functions assigned to the Commission by the UN ceasefire resolution of UN Security Council or the mediator in Palestine, the Security Council upon request, to respect all the remaining functions of the UN mediator in Palestine, based on implementing Security Council resolution, the mediator's office shall be terminated.
  • China, France, Soviet Socialist Republic, a parliamentary committee consisting of the American Federation of England and, by the end of the first part of the current session of the General Assembly determines that must be presented, congressional approval, suggestions for names for the three countries that make up an arbitration committee
  • Committee requests a view to the establishment of contact between the parties themselves and the Commission as soon as possible to begin its functions at once.
  • To extend the scope of negotiations in November 1948 provided the Security Council resolutions of 16, an agreement was made in negotiations with one of the view directly to the committee's final arbitration to resolve all outstanding questions In order to determine between them and the authorities call upon governments concerned;
  • The arbitration committee to achieve a final settlement of all questions outstanding between them, and to take measures directed to support the government and authorities concerned.
  • Including Nazareth - - should be protected and religious buildings and sites resolves that the holy places in Palestine, free access to them, and existing rights, the United Nations an effective arrangement of this last accordance with historical practice under the supervision of that, certainly, that the United Nations Conciliation Commission to present detailed proposals for a permanent international regime for the territory of the fourth regular session the General Assembly in Jerusalem , you must include a recommendation on a sacred place in the region, that is, with respect to the Holy Land of Palestine remaining committee, gave a formal assurance of protection according to the holy places, to access them, the region must be called by the political authorities, and these efforts can not be submitted to the General Assembly for approval.
  • To be resolved, in addition to the current municipality of Jerusalem, surrounding villages and towns, including three world religions in the must easternmost area of Jerusalem, from the perspective of the relationship between Abudisu , the most southerly , Bethlehem , most of Western, Ainkarimu (including built-up area of Motsa ), and the most northern, is Shufat should be given a special, individual treatment from the rest of Palestine, an effective should be placed under UN control. Take further measures to ensure the demilitarization of Jerusalem at the earliest possible date for a Security Council request for a permanent international regime for the Jerusalem area to provide for maximum local self-government distinctive groups consistent with the special international status for Jerusalem area conciliation committee to present to tell the fourth regular session a detailed proposal of the General Assembly, the arbitration committee, the interim administration for the area of Jerusalem it, shall cooperate with local authorities, the UN has the authority to appoint a representative. You maybe interested in unsecured loan without guarantor.
  • Relationship between the government and authorities, pending agreement on more detailed arrangements, roads, free access to Jerusalem can train or plane should be given to all residents of Palestine, and resolve it. For appropriate action by the agency that directs the Conciliation Commission to report immediately to the Security Council, any attempt by any party to inhibit such access;
  • The arbitration committee, a regional economic development, including the arrangements for transportation and communication facilities available to access the ports and airfields and to instruct the authorities to seek agreement between the government and facilitate relationships.
  • Return to the home, to do this at an early date practical refugees wishing to live in peace with their neighbors should be permitted to be resolved, the reward for those properties that choose not to return repatriation of refugees and payment of compensation to be paid for loss or damage, and instruct the arbitration board to promote the economic and social rehabilitation and resettlement, the government or authorities may be responsible for , or in equity under the principles of international law, Palestinian refugees and the appropriate organs and agencies of the United Nations and to the property, through him, to maintain a close relationship with the director of the UN Relief.
  • Mediation Committee, as may be found necessary for the effective discharge of its functions and responsibilities under this resolution, and acting under its authority to appoint such subsidiary bodies, such permitted to employ technical experts, arbitration committee, will have its official headquarters at Jerusalem. Authorities responsible for maintaining order in Jerusalem will be responsible to take all necessary measures to ensure the security of the committee. The Secretary-General will provide a limited number of guards for the protection of staff and building committee.
  • Security Council to instruct the arbitration board to render progress reports periodically to the Secretary-General to transmit to the members of the United Nations. View instant personal loans no credit check.
  • Cooperation in the conciliation committee, according to the officials call on all relevant government and all steps possible to support the implementation of this resolution;
  • Provide staff and facilities necessary to provide the necessary funds required in carrying out the provisions of this resolution, the Secretary-General to arrange appropriate. You maybe interested in personal loans now.
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